Rustic, classic, modern. Three styles successfully combined can be found in all 92 accommodation places that Sarmis Pension provides along the latest innovations concerning the 3 stars standard services in Sarmizegetusa, a place which is full of history, beauty and tranquility.

Situated in the beautiful valley of the Hateg Country, at the bottom of the Retezat Mountains, Sarmizegetusa is also 8 km away from the pass which connects Banat and Transylvania, pass called Tapae in the ancient times, nowadays known as the Iron Gates of Transilvania.

Prislop Monastery – Arsenie Boca, one of the most visited places for orthodox pilgrimages from Romania, is situated at only 24 km. away from our pension.
For those who want to become our guests we can assure all the conditions in order to feel as well as possible and even to return in the future to these places.

Our restaurant offers the best Romanian traditional dishes, along with the best services possible.

Room facilities:

  • 13 double rooms
  • 6 triple rooms
  • 8 suites
  • Rooms for non-smokers
  • Every room is equiped with bathroom with bathtub or shower
  • Fridge
  • TV
  • Hair dryer
  • Wireless Internet
  • Central heating

Pension amenities:

  • indoor swimming pool, climatized
  • Tennis court
  • Table tennis/ping pong
  • Terrace
  • Barbeque
  • Outdoor relaxing zone
  • Fishing lake
  • Parking with video surveillance
  • Garden
  • Yard
  • Gazebo
  • Swing
  • A la carte restaurant
  • Traditional homemade products
  • Conference room (properly equiped for 50 people)
  • We organize special events
  • Living room
  • Wireless Internet
  • Playground for children
  • Travel information
  • Campfire
  • Chess
  • Rummy
  • Card games
  • Cell phone signal: Telekom, Orange, Vodafone
  • Credit card payments accepted
  • Access for disabled people

Tourist attractions in the area:

  • Prislop Monastery
  • Colonia Ulpia Traiana Augusta Dacica Sarmizegetusa, Ancient Rome Metropolis
  • Museum of Archeology
  • Retezat National Parc
  • Retezat Dam
  • Bison Reserve of Hateg Forest
  • The Oldest Stone Churches in Romania : Densus,Strei,Ostrov,Santamarie Orlea
  • Corvinestilor Castle in Hunedoara
  • Deva Fortress
  • Colt Fortress
  • Arboretum Parc of Simeria

Routes and sights for a day

GUIDE – 200 Lei / day
Route 1:
Poiana Pelegii
Enjoy Lake
enjoy top
Retezat Peak

Route 2:
Densus Church
Casa Volcanoes
Dinosaurs Museum
Village Museum Hategan
The bison reserve

Route 3:
Colt Fortress
Court noble Candesti
Dinosaur Valley
Sanatamarie Church Orlea
Fortress Malaiesti
Waterfall Lolaia

Route 4:
Dacian Fortresses route

Route 5:
land Padurenilor
Caastelul Huniazilor
Deva Citadel
Lake Cincis
Cathedral and church Ghelari
Marble road from Alun
Marble quarry
Furnace Gavajdia